Priority Health-TV

“Fred” :30
We open on an employee standing in the doorway of an office.

Fred, who is seated at his desk, looks up at the employee.

EMPLOYEE: So, was it your idea to go with these guys?

FRED: You mean our new health plan?

EMPLOYEE (holding out a Priority Health folder): Yeah…was this your idea?

FRED: Well, I—

The employee cuts Fred off mid-sentence and they do a fist bump.

EMPLOYEE: Knuckles.

VO: Giving your employees a solid health plan that they can actually afford.

Employee in Fred’s office wearing a T-shirt with Fred’s face silkscreened on it. Below Fred’s face are the words: World’s Best Boss


Priority Health. Meeting your unexpectations.


“Pedi” :30

We see a man and woman paying bills at the dining room table.

The woman opens an envelope and looks over the statement.

WIFE: Well, look at this.

HUSBAND (not looking): Huh?

WIFE: Our health plan deductible (priority Health bill) went down.

She turns to her husband.

WIFE (Proudly): What did I tell ya?…Hit the gym…lay off the ice cream and you get this…Bam! (slapping the statement for effect)

HUSBAND (not listening): Uh, huh.

Now she realizes her husband hasn’t been listening.

WIFE: Looks like I just earned myself a spa day.

HUSBAND: Sure, hon.

VO: A health plan rewards you for getting, being and staying healthy.

WIFE (still talking): …I might even test-drive a convertible afterwards.

HUSBAND (still not paying attention): That’s nice, dear.

Priority Health. Meeting your unexpectations.

Grand Valley State University